Refurbishment / repair / upgrade

With workshop facilities at strategic bases all over the globe, Altrad Sparrows is well placed and able to provide professional support to clients, regardless of their location.

Our technicians are skilled in the refurbishment and repair of components and can also advise on the upgrade of parts.

Our workshops typically supply:

  • Machining services and reverse engineering of components
  • Fabrication and painting
  • Equipment strip down, overhaul, assembly and testing
  • Load testing.

In addition, we are also able to store equipment until it is required by the client for use.

Refurbishment / overhaul

Ageing equipment can be partly or fully refurbished to extend its life span and improve operational integrity. We support you in analysing what requires refurbishing to achieve your operational objectives.

Minor scopes can often be completed in-situ to minimise the impact on operations and larger scopes, such as a full winch or crane boom refurbishment, can be undertaken at our local workshop facilities.

We can refurbish a large variety of equipment including cranes, lifting, hydraulic, drilling, and cable/pipe lay equipment.

Fault finding and repair

Our team of specialist technicians are experienced at fixing breakdowns. When a breakdown occurs, our focus is on getting equipment up and running again safely and as soon as possible.

We have mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technicians located across the world and they can be quickly mobilised to any location.

Backed by a global network of engineers, we can conduct root cause analysis and repair complex technical issues.