Altrad Sparrows is a specialist in the supply and management of spare parts to the energy industry, offering rapid delivery, usually within 48 hours.

We hold a vast selection of replacement items in our stores across the globe ensuring we can immediately access all parts and help clients maintain operations and minimise any downtime.

Our spare parts service covers cranes, hoists, load monitoring systems, gear winches, cable based fall arrest systems, personnel transfer cubicles, handling equipment, hydraulic equipment, and cable and pipe lay systems.

Altrad Sparrows is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the following crane and cable/pipe lay brands:

  • American Aero cranes
  • Titan cranes
  • Houston Systems cranes
  • Bucyrus Erie Marine cranes
  • Energy Cranes
  • Weatherford cranes
  • Baricon cable and pipe lay equipment

We also provide equipment from these trusted suppliers:

  • Stahl crane systems
  • AADI-Mipeg
  • LSI
  • Paccar Braden
  • Latchways PLC
  • Reflex Marine
  • Outreach
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • MP Filtri
  • Webtec
  • Optilift
  • Bridon

New OEM parts

Our OEM parts are available for the following crane and cable/pipe lay models:

American Aero Cranes

B10, B20, B20 SAT 1, B40, B5, B65, B65 CPF SOUTH, B65 SAT 2, B65 SAT 3, B65T, BF, BFII, BHD, BHD30, BHD-II, BMSTR, CG300, D15, D25, G10, G10D, G10H, G15, G15A, G15ALF, G15B, G15C, G15CA, G15CB, G15CLF, G15D, G15E, G15F, G15HD, G15LF, G15LFII, G18, G18B, G20, G20A, G20B, G20E, G20F, G20G, G20HD, G7, OM1100, OM1600, OM1600E2, OM200, OM200C, OM2200, OM2200XHD, OM300, OM450, OM450A, OM450B, OM450C, OM455, OM550, OM900, OM900HD, OM900HHD.

Titan Cranes

T1, T10, T10B, T10HC, T12000B, T12000BFSV, T12000BR, T12000HC, T12000HCFSV, T15, T15B, T15T, T16000HC, T18, T2, T20, T20B, T20T, T3, T3300, T3300, T3300B, T3300HC, T3B, T3FH, T4, T40HC, T40THC, T5, T5400, T5400B, T5400B (Satellite), T5400B(HC), T5400HC, T5400LK (Non-Satellite), T5400LK (Satellite), T5B, T5FH, T6800, T6800 CPF NORTH, T6800B, T6800HD, T7500.

Houston Systems Cranes

52, 601, 10-B, 10T JIB, 15-B, 15TB, 5-B, 5T JIB, 7-B, HB10-50, HB5-40, HERCULES 136, HERCULES 136L, HERCULES 264, HERCULES 370, HERCULES 390, HERCULES 484, HERCULES 484 CS, HERCULES 484 QMD RP, HERCULES 484 RP, M-10, M-15, ROTO 12, ROTO 12.5-40R, ROTO 12.5T, ROTO 12.5T-10R, ROTO 15, ROTO 15T, ROTO 25T-15R, ROTO 30, ROTO 5, ROTO 50, ROTO 5T-10R.

Bucyrus Erie Marine Cranes

MK-100, MK120, MK-35, MK-60.

Energy Cranes

EC1000, EC1100, EC1100-1, EC1100-2, EC1200-1, EC1200-2FSV, EC12K, EC20, EC20T, EC35, EC35-2, EC40, EC40T, EC50, EC65, EC650, EC650-2, EC650-2 FSV, EC65-2, EC65T, EC750, EC750-2, EC-750-2, EC80, EC800, EC800-2, EC900, EC900-2, EC900-FSV.

Weatherford Cranes

Baricon Cable and Pipe Lay Equipment

The parts sales support for these brands equipment is managed by our dedicated and highly experienced parts sales team located in Houston. Please email your purchase enquiry to: