Lifting operations management during major outages

Specialist lifting support ensures efficient changeout of critical equipment during turnarounds (TARS)


  • Efficient changeout of approx. 1,000 pieces of critical equipment
  • Optimised productivity through quick turnaround
  • Risks mitigated with comprehensive planning
  • 24/7 onshore support of subject matter experts.


  • BP was carrying out major North Sea asset outages to implement essential maintenance and improve productivity, efficiency and performance
  • With production shutdown it was critical to ensure that the correct planning, risk assessment and appropriate mitigations were identified and applied to all activities. Quick and efficient turnaround of scopes was essential
  • Lifting operations and mechanical handling are considered a high-risk area so BP required competent specialists to ensure all scopes would be implemented without incident
  • There was no defined work scope so we had to prepare for a variety of activities and be ready to execute the work when required
  • All levels and complexities of lifting that might be required were identified - from routine deck lifting operations through to complex rigging and lifting operations
  • Time constraints were a major challenge, especially during the ETAP firewater outage as no helicopters were allowed to land on the platform until all valves had been changed out.


  • A lifting operations specialist was integrated into each of the asset's onshore team in the client's office
  • Altrad Sparrows' operations, HR, logistics, rigging, inspection, recruitment and supply chain departments all coordinated through the lifting operations specialist to identify and define the procedures, resources and materials required for each scope. Each campaign included the supply of lifting procedures, rigging equipment and personnel to carry out offshore implementation
  • Each project or outage's work scope changed in the planning stages, but Altrad Sparrows was able to react through re-prioritisation of deliverables and delivery of alternative solutions at the earliest stages, using the lifting specialist as a conduit between both organisations
  • Over 30,000 work hours were undertaken by Altrad Sparrows personnel (onshore and offshore) without incident
  • Over 300 lifting plans were developed and executed throughout the projects and outages
  • Approximately 1,000 pieces of critical equipment were successfully changed out.


Integrated soutions

  • Crane and lifting services
  • Mechanical handling
  • Deck operations management

Capabilities / services

  • Multi-discipline engineering / design
  • Crane operations
  • Rigging/lifting
  • Inspection / testing / rope access
  • Site Surveys
  • Training / coaching

Equipment rental

  • Rigging / lifting equipment
  • Mechanical handling equipment.
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