150Te knuckle boom crane maintenance

Specialist support is essential to ensure your cranes are reliable and in peak condition.


  • Quick delivery in line with docking schedule
  • 24h support throughout docking scope
  • Cost effective solutions
  • A solution that provided minimal disruption to other ongoing docking scopes.


With periodical maintenance due to be carried out Subsea 7 engaged with Altrad Sparrows to conduct necessary work on their 150Te knuckle boom crane whilst docked in Gibraltar.


We immediately mobilised a specialist squad of six personnel to carry out the following maintenance:

  • Spooling of the main winch wire rope
  • Replacement of pump stacks (2 x 3 off pumps)
  • Replacement of 2 off auxiliary winch hydraulic motors
  • Replacement of 2 off main winch hydraulic motors
  • Refurbishment of the main winch
  • Replacement of slewring fasteners
  • Replacement of slew drive seals
  • Replacement of hoses and pipework
  • Replacement of 2 off luffing cylinders
  • Replacement of 2 off knuckle cylinders
  • Replacement of cab accessories
  • Removal and installation of electric motors (2 off)
  • Crane condition evaluation
  • Load test (proof) winch davits
  • Load test (proof) 150Te crane.


  • Supply of replacement pumps and motors
  • Tooling and equipment provision
  • Multi-disciplined engineering services
  • Rigging and cherry picker services
  • Load testing.
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