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The marks of quality training

We’re making a change to our training materials and have launched two new Sparrows training standards marks to make Sparrows Group courses easy to identify.

These new marks will be applied across all course materials and certification where the course has been developed to our standards. When you see them, you can be assured that the quality of the training delivered meets our exacting standards.

All our crane operations courses will use the Sparrows Offshore Crane Operator Standards mark. This includes the Emergency Crane Operator and Offshore Crane Operator Reaction and Awareness courses, as well as our globally recognised Offshore Crane Operator Standard.

Our other courses, such as Wire Rope Inspection and Rigging Loft Management will be identified by the Sparrows Training Standard mark.

The Sparrows Offshore Crane Operator Standard has been the industry-leading course for crane operations for over 30 years. We apply the same high standards to all our training programmes and ensure that students reach the required level of competency no matter where the course is being taught.

Course material and certifications are already being updated for all courses delivered from today. Anyone who has an existing certificate should be assured that it remains valid until its expiry date.

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