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Moving into Trinidad and Tobago with Miguel Mechanical Services

The Sparrows Group is delighted to announce we have grown our Americas footprint into Trinidad and Tobago following an agreement to work in cooperation with Miguel Mechanical Services Ltd.

The deal combines local knowledge and expertise with global engineering capability and experience to deliver crane assurance and lifting integrity to the country’s energy industry.

Miguel Mechanical Services will supply local expertise, labour, procurement and facilities while we will deliver engineering and technical support as well as training and competency assessment.

Stewart Mitchell, chief executive officer at Sparrows Group, said: “Our partnership is a perfect fit in many ways. Both parties are specialists in crane services with a combined history of more than 90 years and we are extending our well established presence in the Americas.

“We were keen to work with Miguel Mechanical Services as their track-record of safe working practices and delivery on quality is in-keeping with our core values. Combining local knowledge with global engineering expertise and experience, we can provide customers in the region with an unmatched service covering all aspects of crane operation, engineering, maintenance and training.”

The agreement re-establishes Sparrows Group’s connection with Anthony Miguel, the founder of Miguel Mechanical Services. In the 1980s, we were involved in a project to improve crane performance on offshore assets in Trinidad and Tobago. Because of his pivotal role within the operator’s lifting activities, Anthony worked in tandem with our engineers to ensure the cranes reached and maintained optimum levels of operation.

Following the project, Anthony founded his own company in 1988 which has grown to become the premier crane maintenance service company in Trinidad and Tobago.

Anthony Miguel, managing director at Miguel Mechanical Services, said: “The partnership with Sparrows Group enables us to provide an all-encompassing crane service that meets the needs of many operators in Trinidad and Tobago. We are working together to provide the most efficient and best possible lifting service available to the energy industry.”

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