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Meet the Experts – Saurabh Talwar

In this latest edition of our Meet the Experts series, we are shining a light on Saurabh Talwar, our global supply chain and European operations leader. Saurabh initially joined us in 2014, starting as supply chain manager.

Throughout his decade-long tenure at the company, he has navigated numerous business activities across different areas. Reflecting on his journey, he emphasises the paramount importance of Altrad Sparrows' staff, stating, “Our ability to deliver an extensive array of services and products stems from the exceptional talent of our workforce across all facets of the business. I am grateful to be part of a team with such dedicated and high-quality professionals."

Read on below to find out more about Saurabh’s career and daily life as our global supply chain and European operations leader.

Could you share some information about your educational background, qualifications, and prior professional experience?

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in International Business. Additionally, I have completed several short courses and obtained certifications in legal principles, strategic leadership, Six Sigma, and supplier management.

Before joining Altrad Sparrows, I accumulated over seven years of experience at the Bristow Group, a renowned provider of helicopter transportation to energy clients, search and rescue operations, and aircraft support services to governmental and civil organisations worldwide. During my time there, I held different supply chain roles, including working in Lagos, Nigeria, and Houston, USA.

Can you outline some of the key responsibilities that shaped your daily routine as our global supply chain and European operations leader?

I have complete leadership responsibility for operational and financial governance, risk management and delivery of safe, quality and value-driven operations across the supply chain, lifting and rental supplies, workshops services, inspection services and facilities services groups.

Most of my daily routine involves working across all supply service groups to ensure services are delivered safely, correctly, efficiently, and timely. The majority of my work is for our UK and Africa businesses.

Ultimately, the foundation of my responsibilities lies in our people. Without the support and dedication of each team member, I cannot successfully fulfil my duties or advance our business objectives. That’s why I extend my sincere gratitude to every individual within the organisation for their unwavering commitment and hard work.

Can you speak about some challenging aspects of your job, along with the factors that made them particularly demanding for you?

Throughout my journey at Altrad Sparrows, there have been a variety of challenges that have kept me engaged, and each year has been unique in its own way.

One area I would highlight is navigating critical business negotiations. These require a delicate balance of strategy and communication to secure constructive outcomes while preserving the longstanding relationships we've built with our various supply partners and vendors. These relationships are fundamental to our business and often represent years of invested trust and collaboration.

Another significant area revolves around ensuring safety and maintaining our well-known quality standards. Given the nature of our operations, maintaining top-tier safety and quality performance is imperative for us. This dedication applies not only to our internal endeavours but also to the products we source externally. Upholding rigorous standards for safety and quality is non-negotiable, serving to safeguard both our operations and the trust of our stakeholders.

Last but certainly not least, mitigating unnecessary costs remains an ongoing challenge. This requires a comprehensive approach that addresses various facets of cost management, including enhancing operational efficiency, optimising resource allocation, managing vendors, embracing technology, mitigating risks, and continually seeking improvement.

What's one thing you would want people to know about what you do at Altrad Sparrows?

I don't have any particular aspect of my role that I want to single out. Instead, I'd highlight the broad spectrum of equipment and services we manage serving our industrial, offshore, and renewables sectors. Our operations involve substantial effort and a multitude of tasks carried out by our team, with success ultimately reliant on the combined contribution, knowledge, and expertise of our workforce.

Last but not least, how would you sum up your expertise?

Throughout my career path, I've had the privilege of encountering diverse and purposeful experiences that have allowed me to gain experience across different companies, business areas and countries. I strongly believe there is no substitute for breadth of experience and the ability to look at problems from different angles.

While I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge I have gained, I embrace the philosophy of being a "work in progress" and believe that "every day is a learning day"— it may sound cliché, but it holds true for me! I remain committed to my continuous learning journey.

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