Refurbishment / repair / upgrade

Refurbishment, upgrade and repair services to improve reliability and extend the life of safety critical equipment in the industrial sector.


Our team of specialist technicians are experienced at fixing breakdowns. When a breakdown occurs, our focus is on getting equipment up and running again safely and as soon as possible.

We have mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technicians located across the world and they can be quickly mobilised to any location to undertake repairs on-site. Backed by a global network of engineers, we can conduct root cause analysis and repair complex technical issues.


Ageing equipment can be partly or fully refurbished to extend its life span and improve operational integrity.

We support customers in analysing what requires refurbishment to achieve their operational objectives. Minor scopes can often be completed in-situ to minimise the impact on operations and larger scopes, such as a full winch or gantry/overhead crane refurbishments, can be undertaken at our local workshop facilities. We have workshop facilities at strategic bases all over the globe, ready to support clients regardless of location.

Our trained technicians are skilled in the complete refurbishment and repair of components and can advise on whether it would be more effective to upgrade relevant parts.

As part of the refurbishment process we carry out:

  • Equipment strip down, overhaul, assembly, and testing
  • Machining services and reverse engineering of components
  • Fabrication and painting
  • Load testing

During the refurbishment process, we ensure all equipment is stripped down of every component, which includes cleaning, blasting, and repainting before it is recertified. This guarantees each part is fully operational and is fit for purpose.


Machinery and system upgrades address obsolescence issues while future-proofing and improving the performance of safety-critical equipment.

We upgrade a variety of size of control systems, from modular controllers to large interconnected systems such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Machinery upgrades such as installing automated lubrication systems allow customers to improve the performance and reliability of any mechanical, drive train and rotating equipment.

As part of our delivery process, we work with customers to understand their requirements and ensure we specify and design a solution that will safely and reliably extend the life of their machinery.