Maintenance / servicing

Maintenance and servicing to ensure the reliability of machinery and equipment across the industrial sector.

We deliver predictive and time based maintenance and servicing activities for a variety of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical machinery / equipment for customers across the industrial sector.

The equipment types we maintain cover everything from small loose lifting equipment to hydraulic systems and overhead/gantry cranes.

All the industries we work with, whether it’s manufacturing, processing or construction, require confidence in the integrity of their operations. Predictive maintenance is becoming the preferred solution for the majority of our customers who want to ensure maximum equipment availability while improving reliability and safety.

To ensure safety and reliability while optimising uptime and minimising costs we work with customers to develop and deliver predictive maintenance routines. In contrast to generic time-based maintenance strategies, a predictive regime takes elements such as equipment usage rate; availability for maintenance windows; access issues; and personnel skill levels into consideration.

Our process for the development of inspection and maintenance strategies is an ongoing holistic process but generally follows the steps below.

  • FMECA studies of machinery/equipment carried out
  • Equipment criticality review undertaken
  • Planned maintenance strategy created (taking any customer-specific strategies into consideration)
  • Spare parts assessments concluded.

With over 45 years of experience maintaining safety critical equipment, we also have the knowledge and skills to develop condition monitoring systems which further optimise reliability and safety while reducing costs. Our condition monitoring system is designed to monitor:

  • Structural components
  • Hydraulic components
  • Mechanical mechanisms
  • Winch ropes.

This truly predictive approach delivers cost benefits through:

  • Reduction of unplanned breakdowns
  • Reduced maintenance down time through planning and enhanced diagnostics
  • Streamlined manpower requirement as a result of planning improvements
  • Optimised stock and inventory management.

We fully mange all of our maintenance regimes, from carrying out inspection to delivering any required refurbishments and repairs.

Many of our mechanical, hydraulic and electrical technicians and riggers are fully trained and certified in rope access to increase the speed and simplicity of inspecting and maintaining equipment at height.