Mechanical handling

Bespoke mechanical handling systems for the industrial, renewables and offshore energy sectors.

As specialists in moving difficult to handle machinery/equipment which is often located in hard to reach locations, we design, manufacture and install bespoke systems for customers across any industry.

We design permanent lifting aids such as runway beams and trolley systems as well as one-off solutions to support large projects for the removal and replacement of safety-critical equipment.

Our services come with full project management which includes the jacking, skidding, and handling of any material, using the best equipment in the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective manner possible.

Our purpose built jacking and skidding systems are often designed for moving large, heavy, expensive equipment such as turbines, coolers, compressors, generators, transformers, precipitators, boilers, storage tanks, furnaces and cranes.

With over 45 years of experience in lifting operations, our expertise allows us to design solutions to remove and replace equipment that is surrounded by hazards, such as other machinery and structures.

Our global team of engineers thrive on complex challenges and with over 15 workshops located around the world to fabricate our mechanical handling solutions, we support customers in every continent with local cost-effective solutions.

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