Cable & pipe lay

Ensuring safe and efficient cable and pipe lay operations to the industrial sector

Our Cable & Pipe Lay Solutions (CPLS) support industrial customers to safely and efficiently carry out the deployment of products and end terminations.

As a global supplier of both hydraulic and electrical cable and pipe lay equipment, our products are used for the handling of a wide variety of electric power transmission and telecommunications cables. Our expertise covers cables and pipe being laid in water of any depth.

Altrad Sparrows supply equipment (sale and rental) as well as deliver a range of engineering and support services to ensure projects are carried out efficiently with no damage to the product. We also carry out a range of maintenance and engineering services for equipment such as troubleshooting, refurbishments and upgrades.

The equipment our expertise covers and what we can supply includes:

  • Tensioners
  • Overboarding systems
  • Carousels
  • Loaders and baskets
  • Under rollers
  • Reel drive systems
  • Level wind and dynamometers
  • Installation and transport reels
  • Pipe straighteners.

Our tensioners are located across the world, allowing us to deploy equipment and technicians quickly and cost-effectively, however, we can also mobilise to any location to meet specific project demands.

Visit our services pages to find out more about how we support customers at every stage of the equipment life cycle.